Buy 3 GET 1 FREE! All items are instant download - Follow me on @narakdesign
Buy 3 GET 1 FREE! All items are instant download - Follow me on @narakdesign
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Sizing details

2 sizes of sheets

Regular size 3.5 inch (width) x 4.5 inch (height)
Large size 4 inch (width) x 6 inch (height)

Designed for all planners, bullet journal, agendas, calendars, TN, organizers, notebooks, craft projects...or whatever you may want to use them for.

Do you offer cancelations?

We will only cancel and refund your order as long as it hasn't already been printed or as long as a shipping label hasn't been made. We will not refund orders if it has already started its production process. Usually, you have 24 hours for that.

Is there a tracking for my order?

You have the option to select tracking during checkout. If you do not purchase tracking, your order will be sent as regular mail. If you do not purchase tracking for a mistake, please contact me before 24 hours, please.

Where is my order?

If you don't receive the order (with tracking) on time and the date in shipping information has been exceeded, please contact me.

If you don't receive the order (without tracking), usually I can't do anything without tracking.

What happens if I do not choose tracking for my shipping method?

You can choose the basic shipping without tracking, but if the order doesn't arrive I can't do anything from my side. For that reason, I always recommend buying with tracking.


The stickers and other products are protected with clear bags.

All orders are sent in a hard cardboard envelope to protect them.

Sticker suggestion?

If you have any suggestions for a sticker that you would like then please drop me a message, I am always open to new ideas!

You can share them with me here.